Sept 5: Lecture: The New American Cinema 1967-77 (Pasquale Iannone)

"The New American Cinema" was a movement which sought to liberate film-making and distribution from the domination of the major studios. It was heavily influenced by developments in European cinema and was the expression of a younger generation's rejection of materialism and ideological conservatism. 

             Film: Badlands (Terrence Malick)

Badlands, which stars Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek and Warren Oates, was Terrence Mallick's first film. The 27 year-old Mallick wrote the screenplay and used it to raise the budget of $300,000 through what we would now call crowd-funding. Martin Sheen commented that Badlands was the best script he had ever read. "It was mesmerising. It disarmed you. It was a period piece, and yet of all time. It was extremely American, it caught the spirit of the people, of the culture, in a way that was immediately identifiable."

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