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Sep 5:  Lecture: The New American Cinema 1967-77 (Pasquale Iannone)

            Film: Badlands (Terrence Malick)

 Sep 26: Lecture: French New Wave (Martine Pierquin)

             Film: The 400 Blows (Truffaut)

 Oct 10: Lecture: Society, Identity and Hidden Desires (Roger Mitchell)

             Film: Fear Eats the Soul (Fassbinder)

Oct 24: Lecture: Women Directors in Iranian Cinema (Maryam Ghorbankarimi)

             Film: Nahid (Ida Panahandeh) 

Nov 7:  Lecture: What is Sound Design? (Martin Parker)

             Film: Mirror (Tarkovsky)

Nov 21: Lecture: Cinema and the Senses (Malgorzata Bugaj)

             Film: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (Tykwer)