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 In A New Light

is returning for a third season, starting in September 2019.

The course consists of 6 lectures, each lecture being followed by a movie screening. 

In the lectures,

we look at the techniques used by the great film-makers in film adaptation of fiction, with From Page to Screen, 

we look at some of the distinctive cinematic styles, with The Art of Widescreen Cinema, and the Sound of American Cinema,

we consider how cinema both reflects and influences the cultural and political status quo, with Russian Cinema of the 1950's, and Cinema of the Lebanon

and we look at an icon of World Cinema, with a feature on Jeanne Moreau. 

Each lecture is followed by the screening of a movie which illustrates and enriches the lecture content.


We will publish details of our lectures and movies by the end of May.

For details of our lecturers, click here

For pricing and booking, click here. Members of Berwick Film Society are entitled to special terms.


In A New Light  is organised by Berwick Educational Association, with the generous support of Berwick Film Society.